Videomonitoring in passenger transport
The problems of public transport in Ukraine are probably known to every average citizen, even those who do not use it. In addition to untimely movement according to schedules and the obsolescence of the vehicles themselves, which do not directly relate to this case, it is the safety of traffic (both in the cabin and on the perimeter) and the appropriation of part of the funds for travel by drivers. The absence of any means of passenger flow control, other than sudden "secret observers" who count the real number of passengers, just leads to the obsolescence of vehicles and the reduction of the ability of carriers to carry out timely repairs and comply with the required number of buses on the route. So, the main task we had to solve was to provide video monitoring of bus doors and traffic in video recorder mode to increase traffic safety and passenger counting and combine all this with a GPS traffic monitoring system, which, in addition to classic control functions, provides continuous monitoring of execution schedules and notifies drivers about deviations
Proposed solution
We tested several video recorders intended for installation on vehicles and chose the best option in the form of a solution from our long-term partners Bitrek - the mDVR device, which is a comprehensive solution for video surveillance from 4 cameras at the same time and GPS tracking with the possibility of connecting any additional sensors. The work algorithm was chosen as follows: the front camera (which operates in recorder mode) captures video continuously and records data in memory (with subsequent overwriting of the oldest videos when the disk is full), and the side camera (installed above the door) records video after being pressed by the driver door opening buttons, taking into account the delta of -15 seconds to and +15 seconds. After the bus returns to the base in the evening, all data is automatically "merged" to the server via the WIFI channel. On the basis of the Fleetix software, which was already used by the client, a separate video monitoring module was developed, which allows viewing the stream from all cameras at the same time, historical video from the recorder or server memory, and also developed the functionality of viewing historical video "from the track" when the user can view video for each specific stop on the map and analyze the number of passengers
As a result of the development and implementation of the solution, the customer received a tool for monitoring transport not only on the map, but also with the help of video cameras installed in buses. During the work, several facts of non-involvement of bus drivers in road accidents committed while driving were proven, as a result of controlling passenger traffic on selected routes, the carrier's profit increased by 14%. The client received a stable hardware solution and work with all transport data in a single Fleetix interface. It has been previously determined that the payback of the solution for long-distance routes is up to 3 months, without taking into account video evidence of possible road accidents. The next step is to implement video analysis algorithms for automatic passenger counting with further data visualization in Fleetix
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