Temperature control in transport
The case presented on this page addresses common issues faced by any business sector involved in the transportation of perishable goods or those with strict temperature requirements during transit. Among such goods, pharmaceuticals and food products are, of course, at the forefront. Delving into the process reveals that the problem can arise not only for the transporters themselves but also during the installation, configuration, and subsequent maintenance of the equipment.
A few years ago, temperature control, which is crucial for the aforementioned industries, posed numerous challenges. The issue of installing and routing wired temperature sensors introduced not only technical installation nuances (especially for semi-trailers and trailers) but also significantly increased the system's cost. Installation kits and related equipment could multiply the cost of the sensors several times over.
Here, we share our developments in this area and the solutions we have been able to offer the market regarding temperature control in transportation.
Proposed solution
To solve most of these problems and simplify the installation of equipment (and, therefore, the benefit for the client), we sought the help of simple drone-free temperature sensors. Based on our knowledge of i-bee and Meteotrek products, as well as the advanced integration of temperature control in transport, we have formulated the transfer of key criteria to ownership: autonomous living with secure robots on a built-in battery of at least 1 battery, compact size or, if necessary, the external temperature probe, Which one will give the mensch theft, the lower probe is “on board”. Additional advantages of the decision are the presence of moisture loss and the possibility of independent replacement of the battery by representatives of the dealer. Of course, for the timely maintenance of devices, you must transmit data about the battery level to the GPS tracker, and the GPS tracker itself must work with at least 4 temperature sensors at the same time. Having analyzed the market and protested the 7 rights of ownership from Ukraine, China and the European Union, we found the optimal solution, which we found to be the best, including the stability of our work and access to the tracker, How do the sensors work?
As a result of the R&D stage, we received a stable hardware solution for easy installation on any vehicle - commercial and cargo vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. Depending on the existing obstacles, we achieved stable operation of the sensors in motion at a distance of up to 30 meters. On the basis of the Fleetix software, special interfaces for working with data were implemented - setting threshold values, graphic display and tabular reports, alarm messages in case of violation of temperature regimes. As a result, we have been able to provide our customers with an affordable and high-quality solution that fully meets their needs when transporting medicines, products and other goods such as flowers.
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