Counting garbage containers
In the field of solid household waste (SHW) removal, there are several cases of violations of working conditions by drivers and crew.
  • First, the removal of not all containers, when garbage is collected in a residential complex or at an enterprise, for example, from 6 containers out of 7, although the contract was concluded precisely for the full amount.
  • Secondly, often small businesses - minimarkets, public catering outlets, non-food stores, agree on the removal of their garbage with crews directly, paying extra for the removal in cash, instead of according to the contract: this leads to financial losses for the business.
  • Thirdly, there are situations when the garbage truck unloads garbage not at the landfill, but on the way to it - for this, spontaneous landfills and forest plantations are even sometimes organized next to the road.
This leads to environmental pollution and ecological problems, as well as to huge fines for the enterprise that provides solid waste removal services to the population and / or business
Proposed solution
There are several options for solving these problems. They mostly depend on the design of garbage trucks (with rear or side loading of garbage) with the type of control of loading and unloading (electronic, mechanical or hydraulic), but our task was to create a universal solution that satisfies the problems of customers regardless of the design of the vehicle.
Our engineers have developed a tilt sensor adapted for use outdoors and in environments with increased risk of sabotage and accidental knocking from the installation site. Regarding the software, we developed the functionality of specialized geozones "container site", where the customer created a schedule with the planned removal of the number of containers depending on the day of the week, and also created a zone of the landfill, only in which the activation of the tilt sensor for unloading was not recorded as an alarming event
As a result of the implementation of the decision and minor additional investigations after the testing, the deputy, having obtained a complex tool for monitoring the control, works with his crews.
  • First of all, according to the individual handling of containers, the client can view the planned and actual number of lifted containers with information about care. This provides information that all containers were transported and that no “secured” unofficial services were provided. As an additional tool for detecting breakdowns or intelligent sabotage of robotic sensors, dispatchers send instant alarm notifications to the interface and by e-mail when there is a signal from the waste sensor.
  • Secondly, due to the installation of a second tilt sensor on parts of the garbage truck that tilt during unloading, we set up notifications when these elements tilt at a stop outside the "landfill" geozone, which instantly notify the dispatcher of attempts to unload garbage in non-designated locations.
The next steps are the implementation of a full-fledged CRM system based on the Fleetix product, which will allow keeping records of signed contracts, the removal of containers and providing reports to each client on the fact of completed works
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