Holodomor Museum - a system for collecting donations
The main tasks that we faced:
  • Creation of an interactive crowdfunding platform to attract donors from the public
  • Organization of a platform for information support - current news, opinion articles and showing construction progress
  • Implementation of a tool for interaction and communication with the museum
Proposed solution
At the beginning of cooperation on this project, our team proposed dividing the tasks into 2 parallel areas:

1.Develop a WEB site:
The main site, which will be the “calling card” of the campaign.
It will be used to raise funds using an interactive 3D map, post information about the project and the current state of construction, manage content and analytics in applications.

2.Create a mobile application (iOS/Android):
Tool for attracting users and donors, raising funds using an interactive map and augmented reality, accessing information about the project and construction status
The mechanics of donate operation were divided into two stages.
First stage.
Virtual bonus objects – Candles, which together create the Field of Eternal Memory:
7 million candles (according to the number of deaths) and are available on an interactive map on the website and mobile applications. A candle is served for each donation of 10 UAH. The goal of the stage is to collect UAH 70 million.
Using the website and mobile application, each user can donate a certain amount. In exchange for donation, the donor receives a certain number of virtual candles.
An interactive 3D map of the future territory is available on the website and mobile application. During donation, the user chooses the location of his candles. This place is fixed on him forever - both on the interactive map and in the future augmented reality on the territory of the museum.
By the time the territory opens, candles can be placed in augmented reality anywhere - each donor can place them in any location, photograph and distribute them on social networks, and after the territory opens, they can be placed on the territory with reference to the selected location.
On the interactive map, users see how many candles were placed (donations made) and for what amount. The map creates an online interactive effect - how many people are donating right now.

Second stage.
After achieving the goal of the first stage of donation, we introduced the following: the object of the virtual bonus was a personalized or anonymous (at the user’s choice) virtual brick, worth, for example, 300 UAH.
The brick will be built into the virtual wall of all donors and will have a static location forever. By the time the territory opens to the public, the wall will be available on an interactive map, and in mobile applications - in augmented reality.
After the opening of the territory, the bricks will be available in augmented reality on a “live” wall among the project’s premium donors who have made donations of $25,000 or more: by pointing their smartphone camera in the mobile application at the wall, each donor will see a brick with their own name in the selected location.
The concept of a virtual brick is combined with a “living” wall on the territory of the museum - we do not have to limit the number of donors, and the “living” wall can be constantly completed, which will be a constant information occasion for PR activities.
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