What is the i-bee system, what are the principles of work and the benefits for the beekeeper?

Have you ever wondered how much work and time each beekeeper spends in an apiary? They need to check tens or hundreds of hives every day, depending on the size of the apiary. For different seasons, there are manipulations that need to be taken into account, traced, prevented and analyzed. Whether the temperature is sufficient, whether the moisture is too high, whether the weight changes during honey collection, whether swarming has begun, how well the bees work when providing pollination services, and much more. It all takes a lot of time, especially when the apiary is far from the beekeeper’s place of residence.
The i-bee system was developed to make work easier and help beekeepers in their business. The system includes sensors and a mobile application for iOS and Android, in which you can track any changes in your apiary online.

A bit about the sensors themselves.

Base station – HUB. Used to collect information from all equipped hives with HIVE devices. Since the HUB has a range of 500 to 1500 meters, depending on the terrain, it can be installed 1 per apiary and receive information from up to 1500 thousand HIVE devices. The collected information is transmitted to the server once every 1 hour via WI-FI or GSM-channel. Depending on the location of the HUB, there are two options for power connection – 220V or solar panel. It is possible to connect additional sensors, for example, external temperature and humidity sensors in the apiary.

The central block – HIVE. This device is installed on the hive and measures temperature, humidity and sound inside the hive. Also, the device has a built-in optical sensor that signals the opening of the hive cover. In addition, the device implements a number of security functions – hive tilt and movement in space. The collected information is transmitted once every 30 minutes and is transmitted to the base station – HUB via the LORA radio channel.

Electronic weight – SCALES. Designed for periodic weighing of hives and transmission of weight data to the central block – HIVE via Bluetooth, every 15 minutes.

Further work is carried out through a mobile application.

Mobile app. Designed for:

  • Equipment management and settings
  • View the status of apiaries and hives
  • Receive notifications about unauthorized access to hives

What will the beekeeper get?

  • The ability to monitor the status of each equipped hive from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, via the iOS and Android mobile application
  • Keeping records of all operations and preset reminders beekeeper diary
  • Instant notification on your smartphone in case of emergency in an apiary or hive
  • Unlimited data storage and export to Excel for further work with them
  • Saving time for travel to apiary, which can be 100+ km away

Buying the system of our product i-bee, you’ll keep up with the times and have full control over his apiary.

Order the i-bee system and be always in touch with your bees.

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