What is included in the i-bee system subscription

Very often potential users of our system ask “why should I pay for a subscription” and “why is it so expensive”?
We give answers to these questions and help you figure out our tariffs:
Let’s take an average apiary with 50 hives as an example. According to our tariffs, an annual subscription for using the i-bee system costs $ 500, which is an average of $ 10 / year for 1 hive

Or $ 0.83 for 1 hive per month. Or $ 0.03 for 1 hive per day.
The calculation is carried out at the rate of the National Bank of Ukraine on the day of payment, and if calculated at the rate of 28.04 for today, it will amount to 23.27 UAH per month or 0.84 UAH per day.

This price includes:

  • full of knowledge about the microclimate of your bees online 24/7
  • technical support
  • unlimited period of data storage – from the moment the devices are installed on the hives.
  • electronic diary of beekeeper
  • alarm notifications in case of emergency situations
  • constant improvements to the functionality of applications

With us you get:

  • saving time and fuel costs when traveling to your apiaries for regular inspections – especially if they are more than 100 km away, which is significantly more expensive than logging into the app at any time and checking the status of your bees
  • timely reaction to theft, falling of the hive, breakdowns that lead to hypothermia or increased humidity, which is incomparable with any costs

The i-bee system is designed for long-term stable operation, and its cost pays off in no more than one season, even in the absence of force majeure.

We hope that we have dispelled your doubts, but this is not the whole list of advantages that you get working with us.

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