Removal control of SDW based on WTM

A few months ago, we presented an industry solution to control the removal of garbage cans. We share the results of implementing this system with our clients.
On the vehicles were installed:

  • GPS tracker BI 530R TREK
  • Fuel level sensor BI FLSensor
  • Our own developed WTM gravity sensorIn addition to the classical GPS monitoring and fuel control system, we will write below on the results of work, at the first stage we fixed the fact of lifting containers – the sensor detects the lifting of containers only under certain conditions, so with the WTM gravity sensor we get absolutely accurate value of the number of lifted containers, indicating the location and the number of lifted containers on each site.

    In the second stage, we completed our software so that the customer could mark on the map all of their container sites, indicating the total number of containers, as well as with the planned export of garbage containers, depending on the day of the week. As a result of this refinement, the customer was able to compare actual figures with planned ones and thus track the export of “left” containers or non-fulfillment by teams of planned work.

    In the third stage, we implemented the output of this information to our public part for monitoring — the product of WOD – Welcome to Open Data, where city residents can receive information about the fact of garbage being removed from their home, to monitor the company’s faithful execution of their work. This information can also be easily displayed on the website of the carrier with the help of API, where companies that order the export of SDW (solid domestic waste) can see all the information about the fact of container export.

    According the results of two months of implementation, in addition to improving the quality of customer service and re-recording the abuse of drivers by their work and taking out “left” containers, the vehicle fleet decreased by 15% according to GPS tracker readings, fuel consumption by 3.5 liters per 100 km, and one of the garbage trucks recorded plums of 700 liters per month.

Customer has confirmed that the investment in the system has paid for itself.
Summarizing the results of implementation, we see that the WTM system in conjunction with high-quality equipment for monitoring and fuel control Bitrek and additional WTM sensors Gravity Sensor solves a whole range of tasks in the field of solid domestic waste:

  • Reducing the actual mileage, tracking of fuel drains and accurate fixation of gas stations – help users to economize
  • Plan-actual control of exported containers – allows you to improve the quality of services provided, and, consequently, to earn more
  • Open data adds a social dimension to the company’s openness and, as a result, increases its attractiveness to new customers

Our team believes that such systems will become a single standard, and the requirements for transparency of the data will be fixed at the legislative level for all public services.


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