Photomonitoring in WTM

In December 2018, we successfully tested and implemented a photomonitoring system in our WTM product for GPS tracking. Special equipment is installed on the tracking object – stationary or mobile – DVR module combined with the BITREK CONNECT system. This equipment allows photographing what is happening with surveillance cameras (from 1 to 4 at the object) for any event that is recorded by the GPS tracker or any additional sensors, for example:

  • start of movement
  • photofixation at certain intervals in motion or parked
  • fuel supply
  • unloading from the combine
  • RFID or BLE reader operation
  • triggering threshold sensors

Immediately after fixing the pictures, it is sent to the server via GSM, where is mixed into in the vehicle track.
In WTM software, it looks like this:
On the track are highlighted those points in which the photos were recorded:

For each such tag, it is possible to open and view a photo both in thumbnail mode and in full-screen format:

The report for the selected period displays information with the total number of photos taken, as well as with the ability to view each photo with reference to geolocation, as well as gallery mode.

Business areas for which photo monitoring is applicable:

  • municipal transport – photofixation of exported containers for solid waste disposal
  • passenger transport – photo when opening doors at bus stops
  • construction machinery – fixing the work of various actuators: cranes, buckets
  • agricultural machinery – fixing the fact of work of the hook-on equipment, when unloading from combines
  • weighing systems – for photofixing vehicles at the time of weighing at stationary weighing stations
  • fuel stations and fuel trucks – when the fuel is released by triggering a gun, flowmeter or RFID reader
  • any trucks – fixing the opening of the cargo compartment

The photomonitoring system as part of the WTM product has already passed all the necessary tests and practical uses and is ready for full implementation for various needs and improving business security and the degree of control of various business processes of enterprises.

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