Photo and video content

In the new version of the WTM software, developed for GPS tracking of vehicles and fuel control, a new function is available – loading of photographs taken at moving objects.

The system works as follows:

  • a special controller is installed on the vehicle, which allows you to connect IP cameras, up to 5 pcs or via any mobile device with special mobile application
  • pictures are taken by triggering sensor or by schedule
  • photos are transmitted remotely via GSM-channel and become available to the user in the WTM software interface, directly when viewing the movement track
  • optionally, you can record streaming video on the built-in hard disk. The video at the moment can only be accessed locally, with physical access to the hard disk and then intagreted in WTM software

The solution can be used in various business areas:

  • on gasoline tank trucks – when refueling at fixed filling stations or in the field
  • on harvester – when unloading a bunker into a truck
  • in urban, suburban or international public transport – to record what is happening inside or outside the buses.

The solution is fully tested and ready for order. Please check with our managers for details.

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