New direction – station METEOTREK

We present a new direction in our production line – METEOTREK weather stations, which are used to gather information about the weather conditions and transmission of this information via GPRS.


It will be interesting first of all to the agricultural sector – it will help to plan agricultural activities effectively, prevent the emergence of diseases of plants and prevent pests.

METEOTREK will accurately measure:

  • temperature and humidity
  • wind speed and direction
  • rainfall
  • atmosphere pressure
  • soil temperature
  • the intensity of solar radiation

Weather stations work 24/7. All day and night they make regular observations of current weather. With the necessary intervals it sends data via GPRS. METEOTREK weather stations work autonomously. Weather stations powers supply is from the solar battery, and if there is no sunlight – from the built-in battery of 12 V.

More information can be found here.

The company “IT INNOVATIONS” soon starts to develop specialized METEOTREK software, under which we have a dedicated resource –

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