METEOTREK MOBI – what’s new?

The spraying season of 2021 is in full swing, so it’s time to share our latest news on our mobile weather station, which is designed to monitor weather conditions when applying crop protection products.
Somewhat unexpectedly for us, this year it was METEOTREK MOBI that became the most popular solution among our customers and for the first time in 5 years bypassed a stationary weather station in terms of sales.
Indeed, during this year we have joined more top Ukrainian holdings and agricultural firms, who thanks to us derive control the weather in the next level of quality.
Through strong collaboration with our customers, we have added the following to the solution:

  • we had protective brackets (see photo). we have developed and manufactured metal protective structures that significantly reduce the risk of damage to the sensors by branches or other obstacles – now we can confidently say that the MOBI kit will last for many years
  • we have successfully integrated a precipitation indicator into the system, which helps to record the presence of rain when working in the field and promptly adjust the planned work
  • more and more popular monitoring and pharmaceutical management systems support work with mobile weather stations – recently Cropio and Fort Monitor have been added to Wialon.

Thanks to everyone who is already with us and ready for new challenges!
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