METEOTREK expansion of the network of stations in Ukraine

We are pleased to announce that our product METEOTREK has expanded the network of stations with public access throughout Ukraine! The number of stations that are available by subscription, increased by 153 units and the total quantity to 300 units. In order to access, you need to register in the software using the link, draw or upload your fields and find available stations in accordance with your location. For existing customers, in turn, you just need to view the available stations in the settings of your own fields.
Data on the network stations automatically updated every 3 hour and receives the following parameters:

  • atmosphere pressure
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • air humidity
  • air temperature
  • rainfall

Until the end of this year, the data is available in the free mode! The subscription price for the next year will be formed in the near future, and the ability to access historical data is calculated upon request.
Contact the METEOTREK managers for all the details!

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