METEOTREK 2.0 software release

We are pleased to announce that the new fully updated version of METEOTREK 2.0 software is already available for internal testing. What we have been working hard over the past months is finally becoming available for use. We wanted the first release of the new version of the products not inferior to the previous one and have new useful features.

In the updated version of METEOTREK 2.0 is available:

  1. Self-registration and adding stations to your account.
  2. Work with fields. From now on, all weather data is tied to a field, and not to a weather station. Depending on the type of equipment that you have installed, the fields are automatically tied to a weather station – one or more. Fields can be created manually or imported from KML files. Thus, it will be much easier for you to understand the quantity and type of equipment that you need.
  3. Work with weather data. As before, you have access to all current and historical weather data from the moment the station was installed. However, we did our best to speed up the loading of data for large periods of time and to make working with them as comfortable as possible. All data for any period is exported to EXCEL for further independent processing.
  4. Weather forecast. We changed the source of the short-term weather forecast for the next 5 days and linked it also in the field, and not to the weather station. This allows you to get more accurate indicators for the planning of technological operations.
  5. Work with cultures. Each field can be linked to the current crop. This is the first step for analyzing meteorological data in the context of cultures and developing “smart” algorithms – while our development is for the future.
  6. Sharing. From now on, all users have the opportunity to select or share their data with other users (without providing information about the exact location of the station). When sharing your data with other users, we provide the opportunity to use our software for free during 2020 and a 50% discount for subsequent years.
  7. Access to data from outside stations. There is no way to purchase your own weather stations? No problem. Create fields in the region that interests you and find the station closest to you. Subscribe to it – you will pay only for access to data without the need for investment in your own equipment.
  8. We also did a lot of seemingly invisible, but very important things, significantly optimized the speed of the system and laid the foundation for expanding the functionality of METEOTREK software in the near future.

Also among the nearest plans:

  1. Set up alarm messages for each weather station or field.
  2. Keeping records of technological operations.
  3. Simple creation of widgets for calculating derived values from several sensors, including minimum, average, maximum and accumulated indicators.

We will be grateful to all users for your feedback, tips and suggestions for expanding the METEOTREK 2.0 software, as well as for possible bugs and problems found in the current version.

In the coming months, the current and previous versions will work in parallel, so the previous software interface is also available for use.

Thank you for your cooperation and wish you success in your work!

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