Launch SmartAgroDriver product

We are launched a new SmartAgroDriver product – mobile application for Android tablets with the GNSS receiver from EPS. In the functional of this system there is:

  • parallel driving system
  • online GPS tracking
  • remote collection of information about the all controlled parameters
  • information sharing between dispatcher and driver (tasks, messages etc.)
  • field movements history saving
  • fudio indication in case of speed modes violation and deflection
  • displaying to driver any information about status of vehicle in online mode
  • automatic identification of trailer equipment width and allowable speed using a wireless tag
  • the system is fully integrated with our WTM system

At the moment, the testing of the first release of the system has been successfully completed, which will be regularly improved – in the next releases it is planned to implement message exchange and receive orders from the dispatcher.

Before 31.08 special conditions for all customers are provided!

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