How the i-bee system helps to organize the right wintering for bees

Winter in beekeeping is a special period in the life of bees and beekeepers. If you organize all the nuances incorrectly, then the wintering of bees will be complicated or they will not survive at all until the spring revision. In addition to the correct organization of feed, a strong family and prevention from all kinds of diseases, one of the important points is good ventilation of the hive. Sudden temperature changes are very bad for the bees.

When wintering indoors, a sharp rise in temperature is extremely harmful for wintering bees, since they can come into activity ahead of time, which can lead to their premature death.

When wintering on the street, has its disadvantages – you can not calculate with the amount of food, because its consumption is about twice as much, or it is not enough to insulate the hives well, as a result of which the bees will freeze.

Our system, as part of the HUB base station and the HIVE central block, will allow the beekeeper to remotely, without a personal inspection of the hive, learn about the microclimate in the hive itself, and, in which case, respond in a timely manner to:

  • changes in temperature and humidity for a timely response and reducing the risks of diseases and death of bees;
  • sound level in the hive, to track the behavior, mood and condition of your bees, so that, depending on the information received, make a decision about the need to intervene in the bee’s life;
  • movement of the hive in space, in case of theft of your bees.

All collected information is displayed on your smartphone and makes it possible to monitor the state of each hive, keep a record of all actions in the beekeeper’s diary and receive instant messages in case of emergency.

Only in the case of full knowledge will wintering be successful.
If you are faced with the above difficulties or problems, do not hesitate – order i-bee and control your bees today.


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