How long does the station “live”?

One of the most popular questions that we receive during consulting a new customer is how long the weather station will “live”: it will work stably and provide correct indicators.

We started to install METEOTREK weather stations in 2017, when the first models of stations passed field tests and confirmed the stability of their work. At the same time, we often find remnants of weather stations from other manufacturers that have been installed before and we can at least assess their technical condition by appearance.

It is clear that any weather station, regardless of the number of measurement parameters and their type, is used under the open sky, so all weather conditions constantly affect them: sun, frost, dust, wind, precipitation – all little by little, but harmful equipment and sensors.

But not only the weather conditions determine how many years the station will provide accurate data: in order to ensure the quality of the station for a long time, we recommend a periodic inspection. For example – in the main photo before publication, the very first weather station, installed in 2016. For almost 6 years of use – we have changed the battery and updated the firmware, every year make the calibration of the rain sensor. Also, the staff monitors the cleanliness of the solar panel, precipitation sensor, smooth running of wind sensors. We have already talked about exactly how to carry out the recommended service on the video.

At the same time, here are some photos of the condition in which weather stations can come to the service if they are not cared for.


But – most importantly – most sensors still work and after cleaning and calibration return to use in the fields. At these stations, only the temperature and humidity sensors were replaced, the wind direction sensors, which lost their smoothness, were replaced, as well as the updated central controller housing and new firmware. The station returns to work in full working order after service in the amount of approximately 30% of the total cost of the weather station, and continues to operate for the 5th year in a row.

Of course, we must take into account the obsolescence of stations and sensors – because we are constantly improving the firmware, connect and test new sensors through different interfaces, some components are removed from production. We cannot guarantee the eternal operation of our equipment, but we can say with confidence that our equipment can work well for at least 5 years, with proper treatment and timely maintenance.

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