BI 520 TREK and BI 520R TREK

GPS trackers BI 520 TREK and BI 520R TREK — new GPS/GLONASS trackers.

Already available to order.

BI 520 TREK GPS tracker is used for monitoring of vehicles, without connection a large number of specialized sensors. BI 520 TREK includes all the best features of a top BITREK ™ line.


  • Navigation system type GPS или Glonass/GPS, LBS
  • Additional sensor connection via RS485 for BI 520R TREK and via 1-Wire for BI 520 TREK
  • Power circuit protection as in premium models
  • Antijamming
  • Micro SIM
  • 2 analog inputs, 3 discrete inputs
  • 2 digital outputs
  • The low-cost device provides high-quality tracking and ignition control
  • No internal battery provides the low price
  • Device stores up to 50000 records in offline mode without the GSM coverage and automatically uploads them to server when GSM appears
  • Supports FOTA (firmware-over-the-air) – remote firmware upload and setting adjustments

Device has open protocol and is compatible with many popular software.

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