Automatic calculations in METEOTREK product

We have already reported that in the latest METEOTREK software update, automatic calculations of the sums of active and effective temperatures, as well as the hydrothermal coefficient (HTC) were added. We will tell you why this is needed and what benefits this data provides to users.
The main goal of any agricultural production is to grow crops as efficiently as possible, therefore progressive agronomists are increasingly using various tools to improve their own results. Each plant has its own growing season, which directly depends on the sowing date, weather conditions and timely processing.
Sums of effective and active temperatures help the agronomist to timely determine the beginning, end and duration of the growing season and individual phases of plant development, predict the appearance of pests, plan the geography of crops, especially for new crops.
The hydrothermal coefficient, in turn, helps to understand whether there is enough moisture in the soil for the normal development of plants and helps to make decisions about crop rotation, the need to introduce irrigation systems and optimize their own business processes in agricultural production.
All the above values are calculated according to well-known formulas, but now they need to be calculated manually – they are available in the new module of our software “Station Analysis”:

  • The sum of active temperatures is the sum of daily temperatures during a certain period. For crops grown in Ukraine, this temperature is 5, 10 or 15 degrees Celsius above zero.
  • The sum of effective temperatures is a similar formula, however, the average daily temperature decreases by a biological minimum, which not only differs in different crops, but is also different for different phases of the growing season.
  • HTK – 10% of the total precipitation for the selected period with an average daily temperature above 10 degrees Celsius, divided by the sum of active temperatures above the same 10 degrees Celsius.

All METEOTREK users can already receive data in automatic mode – you just need to select the period and the required temperature values for calculations.
We hope that the new functionality will bring significant benefits to users, and we continue to work on increasing the capabilities of our METEOTREK product.

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