About subscription and sharing in METEOTREK product

Almost every potential user of our METEOTREK weather data service asks how they can get special conditions for the purchase of equipment (discounts, payment by instalments, etc.), or for an annual subscription for access to data. We talk about the functionality that allows you to save both the initial investment in equipment and operating costs in METEOTREK product.

  1. Subscription. At the end of October 2020, in our system, available data from nearly 250 stations that are in the public domain. According to the terms of confidentiality, we do not disclose details of the exact location of stations, however, very easy to understand, is there any available station near your farm or field. Register in the system, draw manually or import KML files with field coordinates data, and go to settings. You will see if there are stations available near your field, at what distance, and with what control parameters (sensors). The subscription price for these ranges from 90 USD per year, depending on the number of available options. Thus, you can either not install your own station at all, but only use a subscription to public data, or install locally autonomous stations with fewer sensors, which are much more accessible in order to only update data from public weather stations. When near your fields will be new station with public access, you will receive the message.
  2. Sharing. If you intend to install your own equipment to accurately monitor the weather conditions on your farm, you can get a 50% discount on your subscription if you agree to share data from your own stations with other users. The exact location will be kept secret, and no user will be able to change its settings and see your station name (which often correspond to the settlement or area where the equipment is installed).Only data and a list of sensors installed at the station will be publicly available. After installing and configuring the station, the system will offer you a choice – to share data or not. This parameter applies to the end of the current year, and can be changed for the next year. Today, almost 80% of our clients agree to share their data with others in exchange for special conditions for a subscription. 

You can read more about these conditions in the public offer for using METEOTREK software, and we continue to work on even more useful functions.

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